How To Overcome Judgement


For many, judgement is simply a daily expectation. There are a lot of people who can always and successfully evade and dodge both judgement and criticism simply by adhering to the standards of conformity. If you are one of those people you will find many a time when you are forced to be cautious or stay your tongue lest you say something or many things that leave you on bad footing with your colleagues. The solution? Secrecy.

Secrecy allows you to be able to conduct very important work and other such rituals entirely in the shadows, essentially rendering them unseen to prying eyes. But most importantly other than prying eyes, aside rather, is that these are uninitiated eyes. Misunderstandings always birth controversy, drama, and general confusion among the populous at large. All these things are entirely useless and always hinder progressive work.

Another flaw among most LHP practitioners is the delusion that somehow you can turn very esoteric ideas into some kind of publicly acceptable debacle. This pisses me off because it truly shows how fucken immature the people who do this shit are. Do you not realize that people are generally god fearing? and that introducing concepts that directly contradicts those principles they hold dear is going to make them attack you in disgusting ways.Its almost like they assume that somehow every human being on earth has the capacity to see sense in esoteric principles. If they could then they would, and paganism would be the worlds dominant religion. Fact is, people are not free thinkers, individuals are, progressions are not made by the populous they are made by individuals who are free thinkers who bring the ideas to the public. The public assumes and automatically credits itself with progressing one step further technologically, yet it is not a unified effort. It was a few people with “expertise” and they sold us the production models of their ideas. Not the Concept Ideas, the Mass Production Ideas, that’s important to note.

I am a fanboy of David V. Barrett and all his works, I would like to present you with some varying approaches of secrecy from his book entitled “A Brief Guide To Secret Religions”

“with certain kinds of ceremonies such as initiation what is unknown to you is not in fact the content of the ritual which you might well have read beforehand but something much more subtle which couldn’t be put into words – an unspeakable secret not in the sense that you’re not supposed to speak it, but something can happen which you couldn’t explain in words to someone who hadn’t experienced it. That can happen with rituals and initiations. I think those things are the real secrets. The actual words and actions in a ritual generally speaking are not secret in any sense – though some people try to pretend they are.” Gareth J. Medway , Priest Hierophant of the Fellowship of Isis , Writer and assistant psychic.

” I would bring back the D word, Discretion. I really do think that that’s important… You go into something because you want the benefits of that group, and one of the benefits of that group is a gentle exclusivity. And you should respect that group. There are no secrets other than the experience of working in the group with people who know what they’re doing, whatever it happens to be” Geraldine Beskin, third generation esoteric witch and eclectic occultist, Co-owner of the Atlantis Bookshop, London.

“Not in my world. It’s open to argument, to conjecture, because that’s how I learn. I do public rituals; I don’t do anything private, nothing secret” Terry Dobney, Keeper of the Stones at Avebury, Retired motorcycle restorer.

“Secrecy in religion: every one of them has it to some extent, and I do feel that most of them have it for fashion reasons; there aren’t many secrets, and of those some probably aren’t worth knowing” Dr Dave Evans, Chaos magician, Social Sciences researcher.


Perfection Is A State Not A Title ( The Only Constant Is Change)

 to continually bask in our achievements may give you worldly satisfaction and kudos among  your friends but it does not at all feed our souls constant desire to achieve what we are built for…. Perfection

Perfection is two sided, for nothing is truly perfect but its desire to be….

Perfection and Flaws Are Like Ice Between Claws

what exactly do i mean by this? simply put, perfection is everybody’s size and one size fits all. It is really subjective, what could be perfect for you, someone else could look at and see room for improvement and not only that, but the improvement they see, will be improvement you can achieve. so with that said what is really perfection? being able to constantly change oneself, almost completely revert in your ways of thinking, for nothing ever, ever,ever stays the same. The only constant is change. therefore perfection is a state, a constant state of change,if that is not too confusing. This change or changes could be massive to micro but you WILL notice them and direct them correctly towards your desired final, or state of perfection (which remember… must be a state of change) and therefore you as a person will always achieve the one human characteristic that so defines us as a species, but for some reason is no longer really used now…. our ability to adapt.

Why You Need To Be Grateful

appreciate the light bestowed upon you everyday.

this could start in a predictable way with the poverty and starving children speech that we have all heard, seeing that we get food everyday, but this article is going to highlight a more “higher” if you will sort of gratefulness. the kind i am referring to is appreciation of that which guides you or influences your everyday being, how should one acknowledge something such as this? more importantly how can a Luciferian? worship is something we have shunned since we first became Luciferians in the first place, so then how should one thank himself for his present self gluttony? improve yourself. yes that is correct, how do you show appreciation or gratefulness? make more to be grateful for and you will realise that that is how you celebrate. sound strange? of course it does and i cannot blame you for all throughout our lives we have celebrated achievements, marveled at them and then set out new ones, now i ask you to journey along my path, think for a second if the achievements you made were great, but you payed little mind to them, would not achieving something greater than the last be easier? perfectionist or workaholic maybe but it works, at  least for me, i find that concentrating on whats next instead of what is perfect has always allowed me to progress myself and not dwell in the achievements for too long. almost like taking your fill and leaving, i believe one of the steps to evolution is rejecting our predestined greed as humans, if you are clever you will understand why basking in achievement is greed on many levels…..

Offending The Sheeple

hahahaha something we Luciferians do just by existing actually. offense is never given, it is taken therefore if you dear child are ever face to face with a person who you apparently offended ask them politely what it was that offended them for any opinion expressed by you should be respected, i do not agree with most satanists, however, we can not discredit someone based on anything. even if that person is a retard who knows? you could learn something. All i am trying to get across in this post is to value your opinion, for it is your own, and something that no one can crush. as for offence? follow the instructions i have given you, i assure you, you wont regret it.

Luciferians Demonstrate

Christians go around preaching, knocking on our doors and smiling as we open them, slowly handing us the worse book this poor planet has ever known and with a voice more polite than the actions they have done in the past two thousand years they simply ask, “Do you believe in god?” my normal reply would go something like this ; “firstly having grown up in an indian community and being raised Hindu i do not approve of you coming to my doorstep, selling me faith. secondly i do not know if you are visually impaired but i am not 5 years old and therefore do not have imaginary friends like your beloved god. thirdly if my second point did not already answer your questions Fuck off and Suck jesus’s dick for all i care” as you can imagine by the end i was quite pissed off and it seemed they were too as now the bible was being clutched and having the lies squeezed out of it. Why all this hate to people who really mean well? well “whoopty -fucking -doo thanks for coming through i dont want to join your fucking cult.” is that a better answer?. People. do not sell religion. nor go around preaching its valuable benefits. It is for this reason that these mentally castrated retards are less than humans, sub humans if you will, and they do not, i repeat, do not deserve kindness because if they were to have it their way i would be burned at the stake for even being Luciferian. Luciferians demonstrate our supreme and unique power over sub humans, in the way we live and the way we carry out our daily tasks, you could say we are evolution in progress, if not evolution itself. seeing that most Luciferians are indigo children whose purpose on earth is to usher in a new age. I have almost stopped messing with christians and other religious retards mainly hindus,jews and muslims and have now seen to it that my pursuit in life be for my individuality , nothing more nothing less.

All Along The Watchtower

observing, what a wonderful gift it is that we possess the gift to simply stop. and stare at something. we see many animals do it, oh how their beautiful eyes fill with wonder as they take in what the world has to offer. i consider myself a recreational “user” of certain non prescription chemicals and i find that in most instances these chemicals help open up even the castrated mind to certain truths. am i saying that everyone should start trippin out like hippies? no not at all but dabbling in some mind altering substances could very well be the best decision you hesitated to make. sure it is no secret that some find recreational drug use as stereotypical and can not benefit one in the end and even go far enough to say that some people using Marijuana, give other users a very bad name. It is not always the case my friends, you must understand that if you are an unstable person…. DO NOT take drugs, even marijuana because it could effect you negatively. however if you see yourself as a fairly stable human being then by all means, take my advice and open your world and your mind to something new. After all, we are stuck on this planet, for now at least, so find your own way to travel to other worlds hahaha, who knows? you may find yourself where you never expected him/her to be.  

In the cases of marijauna its uses are endless and it will greatly benefit mankind if it is embraced and used for all that it can be by the general publlic. words like tree free paper will become common and bio oils will replace older fossil fuels. in essence…. Marijuana fulfills the last product of an intelligent society – using recreation intelligently.

seeing the inner most working of things requires you to have an understanding of your inner most workings and these are located in difficult to access sections of the brain, sections which i find more accessible when the mind is altered. confusing? the world works on opposites and the goal of life is to find balance, how can you really find it if you dont throw yourself off balance?


from one source, one creator, all of this was made……. that force is Lucifer.                                       Your Thoughts Are Your OWN Allow Their Light To Shine – Rajiv                                                        

The Need For A Face

Allow yourself to embed your individuality, into the sands of time, however short it may be, is determined by the omipotent… yours truly…. 

it has come time, the point where i thought i would be blurring the lines between an average blog and a Luciferian blog have become as clear as day and night. In a few days i will upload a picture or maybe two of what i look like, granted i am not the most handsome face in the world but some find me aesthetically pleasing. Reason? because it satisfies the one thing i have denied you for far too long and as well it allows us the most basic human right, the priviledge, no, right, of seeing who you are conversing with. i am not old school but i feel we are severely detached from this basic necessity given all the technology at our disposal, and for those of you who know me this is not for materialistic value as i am one of the most humble people you will come across ( except in cases of blatant stupidity, forgive me but these cases dont even deserve humility)  this is simply to prove a point to those that think we Luciferians are too afraid to stand up and show who we are in a crowd and i promise you i will stand PROUD, i will stand with CONVICTION, i will stand with AUTHORITY and above all i will stand with LUCIFER the only being worthy of praise and worship in this world

Topics, Topics, Topics

imagination is one of the greatest tools that can be harnessed within your mind, subtle, everlasting and extending beyond space and time.

the glorious return to the everlasting pages of the internet, a place which has for better or worse shaped who i am today, in some way shape or form. i now find myself between two almost completely different worlds, one where i have learned to accept truth as stranger than reality or the other where the unreal truth is the everyday subject matter. i have learned while basking in my own thoughts for the past two months to treasure what we have and reject that which is not part of us, although i question this a great deal i cannot help but marvel at its mundane complex intricacies. the the thought itself makes me flash back to everything which i have learned myself as opposed to everything that was taught to me, at that moment i realized just how skewed some of my perceptions are, from what they were. i believe the trick to keeping yourself and your ideas sound within yourself one must employ a certain level of imagination to ones life. personally i believe imagination to be one of the most brilliant thought processes known to man, i also equally believe a lot can be harnessed through it.
Rajiv _lucem ferre
 as the dew drops descend on the lands, the frozen winter land seems to come to a stand.
the bridge one builds towards his destiny laying each plank as you pass the last…. destiny; building a bridge to the one you love….. one may not love if he does not first love himself…..  therefore……first and foremost your duty is to build a bridge towards yourself.
remain obstinate in your pursuit of individuality lest you wish regret-Rajiv Sookdeo