Update on the blog progress, quite far along, many big changes down the pipe.

This page will now be the one displaying my posts…. be they updates, insights or just rants….. Latest posts is now up and running.


So lately I have been able to be a lot more work oriented. Been getting a lot done, that is to say on projects and real life work issues, that I previously have deliberately ignored. Now, armed with a new laptop and working toward a decent computer setup I will be able to continuously update and build a community on this blog. WordPress has been emailing me as they do to all who subscribe for their update emails I assume, about building a community – turn your site into a community….. and it honestly got me wondering if that would work? you know? I have had a pretty jaded outlook on this subject matter and blog that I run, mainly because so many who claim to be true have come and gone that now…. telling the imposter from the practitioner is nearly impossible.

Building a community sounds like a great prospect, one I truly would not mind engaging. That said, I have branched out the current blog into its companion…. Dominion Of The Sun. The EOAL will still live and thrive however it will become a secondary blog, a more personal blog, than a community. I still aim to build something great here…. however I will never try to sell Luciferianism. To me its not a cool hip idea to profit of off. It is an understanding of the world dating back millennia, all tied to the sun/son.

Whew, so the Dominion Of The Sun and the EOAL will also now have active communities on a variety of social media platforms…. utilizing the business tools of these social media sites will help to reach a much broader audience & help build said community. I truly believe that something good can come of this, although it will be sufficiently hidden. Lest we regret it.