Complete overhaul of site aesthetics, hard work has paid off and all featured photographs on the site are owned by myself.

All future photographs will also be taken by me, site will also undergo a legitimization if you will sometime during this year, in the sense that the domain will be secured & the site monetized, following will as always be free, as will all articles. Thinking of putting anything behind a paywall is a bad idea.

Esoterica Updated

Tomes Update Soon

Parallels Update soon

14/02/2019 at 02:38 am.

Update For 2019

Updated the Esoterica page, Luciferianism will be updated later this week, Parallels to be updated before next week 14/02/2019.

A warm and hearty welcome to all new followers. Please keep your seats in the upright position & as soon as the light goes off feel free to roam about the website.