This section of articles will delve into exposing the bare bones of the Esoteric society, including some common misconceptions, applicable jargon and often heard catch words, that just catches you self proclaimed ‘dark’ little faggots attentions’ and herds you into the ” I’m a special little snowflake and here’s why… ” category.

Harnessing Alchemy

Alchemy in its most popular state is known to be an art of transmutation, or in laymens terms turning base metals into gold. The story surrunding this first most popularized version is quite random but also can be easy to understand because always the goal is wealth. The base metals into gold fad is actually derived from esoteric truths being that one can, under the right conditions, harness ones own inner gold an transmute that which is unwanted or obscene from the pure and cast it away.


Emotional Facets, Perpetuated Fallacies.

Esotericism is full to its shitty brim of people and “individuals” who constantly will seek to prove themselves, by means of whatever is most time efficient and simultaneously follower garnering as is humanly possible. Now although I may come across as brash and abrupt, sometimes rude, dismissive or skeptical. Ask yourself, would you want any less from someone in my position? The sheer amount of people promoting their bullshit into the esoteric society is just unreal, but worse, irresponsible.

To all you writers out there, bloggers, all you fags. If you are one of those people who just sources other peoples material under the premise that it worked for you or for someone else, is at it’s heart, against Esotericism. It has and always will be about the individual, and the power within that individual, must be inherent, not instilled.


This is were they will probably get their panties in a knot because it leaves them nowhere, what will most LHP people even write about if they cannot write their own self inspired bullshit. Nothing, it will continue as normal because that is simply the beauty and downfall of diversity, while it ushers in change, it carries baggage. Truthfully that baggage lies with individuals, not groups, individuals on their own paths of self discovery thus rendering their observations inept, owing to their unique ability to be hypocrites by making statements that sound alarmingly childlike, ” I Like, They Liked, WE LIKE!!”.I mean is there no more public display of polishing your own piece than to actually use yourself as a fucken example.Here is a reality check for you guys and gals, you can never encourage enthusiasm, nor can you inspire emotion.


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