11:11 Phenomena

A new theory that I have been practicing and observing for the past few months is the idea rather that the people who experience the 11:11 phenomena are in some way or the other linked to the subconscious or unconscious self, as I have come to believe that the moment in which we experience the phenomena our subconscious or unconscious mind actually links with our conscious minds while we are awake, it may seem a little jarring but the concept is simple just as we try to get in tune with our subcoscious while we are asleep what if it too tries equally to reach us when we are awake, to those who experience the phenomena, soak up and enjoy every second of it, as the ARE very, very few of us who do. And try to wake up in your dreams as Luciferian Brother of mine had intrigued me on a previous blog about the art of Lucid Dreaming I too would like to encourage you to dip into this pocket of energy and pull out all you can


Ageism in basic terms is not being taken seriously or being taken too seriously because of or directly attributed to your time on Mother Terra or your age. Sure to some this may seem an won and forgotten battle but unfortunately and at the risk of exposing too much of my personal information I am 18 years of age and still find myself faced with said dilemma. Although in my case it is of not being taken to seriously which is sad because my arguments are not too complex and fairly logically compelling, however my advice to any human that faces the same kind of mental neglect from someone older or younger than you is to simply not bother for these people can not listen to you because they have mentally blocked you out. Personally I think it is very sad since we are living in a generation filled with intelligent Indigo children and other thinkers of the like.


The process of turning what would appear to be an ordinary rock into gold, a fascinating objective for me. Alchemy though very long ago also reffered to the individuals applying the same priciple on themselves thus turning an ordinary man in a piece of gold or God (although, prefer to use the term Lucifer self since I am one of those who embrace the path) this is something to be smiled upon. To me the easiestway to practice Alchemy in our daily lives is to only take the WISDOM out of every experience we encounter be it a negative or positive experience, turning ordinary into extraordinary.