People Take You Seriously When You Stop Taking Yourself Seriously

Personal Post” –  the internet is a place of fun, learning,seriousness, humour and fame. the last one is the least important yet it trumps all others in nearly every aspect of the internet. Humans desire to be liked or looked up to, it gives us power, and energy, what inevitably happens though is that quality is lost through fame and individuality at the same time now when we look at most example of what is famous today you will see ample evidence of what I am talking about, the days when music was made with intruments have somehow gone out the window, replaced now by computer geeks with tattoos. the world is full of useful energy from people as any observer would notice that humans are all too willing to abandon an old figure in admiration of a new one creating what I call a lake of un- tapped energy but not everyone can handle it so most of the time a lot of people lose themselves to it, or into it rather, to me it is very simple….. If you dont know how to swim, no drowning in this lake.

The Only Disease YOU Choose

“Anti-Religious post” – This post will highlight how a belief in an anthropomorphic god or believing in one negatively affects your life in ways you probably would not have realised. (1) ‘you tend to turn the other cheek a lot’ – now in regards to this it is not so much the action that affects you but rather the after effect of what it was you just did, anyone who has ever entered into an argument with a religous person will know that they are very prone to anger, all of the time it is unjustified, and that may sound biased but that is what it is, when it is hot, it is hot, there are no two ways around it. The reason for this constant anger is their pent up aggression from always turning the other cheek. Simple. (2) ‘low self esteem’ – this one kind of fascinates me because I cant understand how any human being can dislike themselves, oh yes, nobody is perfect, thats where it began. Only christians can worship a god that basically told them they were made from dirt. (3) “its Gods plan” – a nice way of not taking any responsibilty for ones actions, degrading already, just by itself, but they have to get better at being retards dont they? so then even if something good happens ‘it is gods plan’ taking away all credit from one self. (4) ‘repent’ a nice way of saying come give us your money. I am actaully getting irritated just writing this. Ave


“Personal post” – due to the nature of this blog I think now is the time to make the information more easily accessable and understandable so that I may give you the reader a much more simplified way to sift through what you need and what you would rather ignore, with that said each post will now begin with what type of post it is and its relevance to me, to begin I will start with a personal post. A friend of mine has not had her father with her for some time now and she feels as though this has had a great effect on her, now she is christian, but barely christian at the same time ( like all of them) in essence she simply believes in god ( lack of responsibilty for ones actions?) so naturally she would look at every situation through what I call ‘god eyes’ almost like wearing sunglasses at night, it feels cool but you are really missing the bigger picture. Through these eyes everything becomes fordestined, in line with gods ‘great plan’ obviously so everything is seen as meant to happen. Now what confuses me is that even though they basically have a belief that tells you everything happens for a reason ( to me that means if you had or are having a bad experience accept it and move on with life) but she seems to be stulted by it, constantly pinning underlying problems onto it, eventually the way I see it she will only start to see her dad in every negative experience. Now my friends, this is why I do not believe in an anthropomorphic god, submission, repent, guilt,sin, forgiveness these are all attributes of a tyrrant, and whether you like it or not believing in god has very very VERY serious consequences on ones life, most people do not see it but as a Proud Luciferian I do see the mental castration it inevitably causes and will write a post on what I believe are some of the most destructive symptoms of believing in god. Ave Lucifer